Immaculate Conception Church


Compassion Ministry:  Compassion and condolence is provided by volunteers to those experiencing death or a great loss. A sub-committee for this ministry in association with the Altar Society provides food for the funeral dinners.

Prayer Ministry: This ministry directly supports both the volunteers and those in need. Following the 8:00 AM liturgy weekdays, the rosary is prayed with the Liturgy of the Hours prayed instead on Thursdays. A book of intentions is kept in the church and a Prayer Line is in place for those seeking special help.

Prayer Line: This ministry involves members calling each other when special prayers are requested in times of need. Once called, members offer personal prayer from home.

Parish Nurse:  This ministry provides a holistic approach to spirituality and wellness. They provide weekly blood pressure and medication checks as well as referrals and are available on Mondays from 10:30 to 11:30 AM in the Parish Center or by appointment.

Peace and Justice Committee:  These are volunteers who put into action Christ’s call to love your neighbor. They oversee most of the parish programs that deal directly with those in need. This ministry is supported by a yearly special collection and the response of the parishioners to needs and issues that arise throughout the year.

Food Pantry:  This is stocked by the generous contributions of parishioners. Canned and dry foods, home and hygiene supplies, disposable diapers, etc. are distributed through local non-profit organizations.

Soup Kitchen:  This is a city wide ecumenical effort that provides hot meals free of charge. The Soup Kitchen is located at 717 West 7th Street and meals are provided Monday through Saturday. Participants help on a rotational basis

Bargain Center:  This is a city wide non-profit thrift shop organized and operated by the Catholic Women’s League. Serving the needy and helping with tuition assistance, the center is located at 1001 West 7th Street.

Giving Tree:  This is a program that provides anonymous donors with specific information on Christmas needs and wishes; then delivers the gifts to the appropriate people. This program is organized by the Peace and Justice Committee.

Carmelite Nuns Board:  We are blessed with a cloistered community of Carmelite nuns in Morningside and this board seeks to help the nuns buy groceries, drive them to doctor appointments and tend to other needs that come along. The help of men, women and youth are welcomed!

Funeral Dinners:  This is a group of dedicated and generous individuals who help serve these meals after each funeral in the parish. With 40+ funerals a year in our parish, help from men, women and youth is always welcomed with this committee.

Money Counters:  This group gathers every Monday morning in the Parish Offices to count the collection from the previous weekend. Teams of counters do this on a rotational basis.

SCRIP Sales:  This involves the selling of gift certificates where a percentage of the sale comes back to the parish and school. You can purchase “SCRIP” for many restaurants, gas stations, department stores, hotels, etc. This is a great financial benefit to our parish and school families. SCRIP can be purchased from the Parish Offices.

Rice Bowl:  This is a special daily collection at home that takes place during Lent. The funds are used to assist the poor in Third World Nations.

Visits to Ill and Homebound:  If you or a loved one are homebound, in a nursing home or in the hospital please contact the parish offices for services.

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